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We make a bunch of different beer for enjoyment on-draught at our brewery, and package select brands in 16oz cans for sale at the brewery, and at select retail stores around Maine.


  • 100% of our beer is made with 100% renewable energy. We achieve this by making beer with electricity, and sourcing all of our electricity from sources which include on-site solar panels, anaerobic biodigestion (Brunswick sewage -> methane -> electricity), and renewable credits. Approximately 50% of our electricity comes from sources right here on Brunswick Landing (the rest is grid-spruced, and offset with credits); in time, 100% will. When the power goes out, Flight Deck will carry on!

  • If we can buy it in Maine, we do. From day 1, 100% of our base malt has come from barley grown in Aroostook County, and malted about 15 minutes away from our brewery at Blue Ox Malthouse. While Maine’s hop crop is small and growing, we’ve produced beers with locally grown hops - including from Brunswick’s first commercial hop yard, Woodside Hop House! Sourcing local has a few benefits to our business: 1. it strengthens our local community, where we and our employees live and work, 2. It allows us to be hands-on in our supply chain, ensuring quality and fair employment practices by our vendors, and 3. the customer service is stellar! When we miscalculate the amount of malt we need (it happens), our supplier is just 15 minutes away - a short drive which they often are willing to make for us (in a Prius no less); you can’t buy that level of service from a national source if you wanted to.

  • Nothing is ever “done”. Advancements in commercial brewing technology are happening at a wicked fast pace. By staying on top of new technology and practices, we constantly look for ways to produce a better, tastier, more sustainable brew.

  • We’re the only brewery located in a former shooting range (that we know of). If you find another one, put us in touch - we’d love to start a club.


Draft Pours & Tasting Flights to stay, 32oz/64oz Growlers to-go, 16oz 4-packs of Cans to-go.

Our tasting room has up to 14 beers on tap at any one time.
Selection varies - but we always strive for diversity; no matter your tastes, our goal is to have something for everyone.



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(FYI - we're self-distributed, and distribute 16oz 4-packs of cans, and 1/6 or 1/2 barrel kegs.)

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