brewery & tasting room

on Brunswick Landing

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We welcome you to swing by for a fresh pour, and take a growler or retail bottle home. Crowd favorites will be on tap year-round, w/ a selection of prototype/experimental recipes for something new every time you come in.


We're proud to have been named by Down East Magazine as their Editor's Choice Best Tasting Room in Maine!

Whether you're a group of 1, 2, or 12 – there is a place for you to gather and enjoy each other's company. While our building used to be the Small Arms Range (a bullet-proof, 12" thick concrete structure), we've cut extensive windows & roll-up glass doors to ensure sun rays are prevalent throughout! When the weather is warm, we've got an extensive outdoor patio & green space to enjoy with cornhole, picnic tables, fire pit, and more....



Note: BYOF (Bring-Your-Own-Food) is always welcome!

WEDNESDAY + THURSDAY: BYOF (Portland Pie free delivery is great option!)
FRIDAY/SATURDAY/SUNDAY: B.B's Grill Food Truck - fresh BBQ and more!

Tasting Room Snacks - always available:
Bar Snack Mixes – made by Portland Fruit & Nut Co.
Maine-made Potato Chips – Fox Family Farms & Vintage Maine Kitchen
Non-Beer Beverages – Juice for the kiddos, Green Bee Soda and more!

11 Atlantic Ave
Brunswick, ME 04011
(Brunswick Landing)

Wednesday –> Saturday
12:00pm – 9:00pm

12:00pm – 5:00pm

Monday & Tuesday
CLOSED (to make lots o' beer!)

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Under construction in the Fall of 2016. Less sawdust and more beer, guaranteed.

Flight Deck Brewing was born in the summer of 2016, when a team of beer lovers tasted an opportunity to bring a destination brewery to the thriving community, tourism corridor and college town of Brunswick, Maine.
With over a decade of homebrewing experiments, Head Brewer Jared Entwistle brewed professionally at one of Maine's largest craft breweries before co-launching Flight Deck. His passion for beer ensures the tasting room always has a diverse offering of familiar and experimental recipes.
Located in the former Small Arms Range of the Brunswick Naval Air Station (now Brunswick Landing), Flight Deck has a multi-use tasting room, brewery, and outdoor patio. We welcome groups, non-profit events, board meetings, and any other gathering that helps build community – just let us know what you have in mind, and how we can help.