Times Record: New brewery ‘taking off’ at Landing


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The co-founder of New Beet Market is bringing a new brew to Brunswick Landing in the form of Flight Deck Brewery. Flight Deck will encompass a brewery, tasting room and distribution center in the former small arms shooting range.

Co-owner Nate Wildes said the brewery will be located in the geographical center of the Landing and very accessible to the public. It’s also a stone’s throw from the airport terminal, making for a good place for travelers to refresh themselves.

Wildes said Flight Deck and New Beet Market are the two consumer-facing businesses on the Landing along with the YMCA.

“So, together we’ve got coffee in the morning, workout midday and beer in the afternoon,” Wildes said.

Wildes said he envisions Flight Deck to be another stop in the beer trail — one of about 80 Maine breweries that attract people for the purpose of beer tourism.

Wildes said there’s a large gap in that trail between the Maine Beer Company in Freeport to the Boothbay and Rockport region.

“We’re also part of a growing and thriving community as-is,” Wildes said. “We’re going to provide another fun avenue of activity and another opportunity for people to participate in the Landing community specifically.”

Wildes said New Beet Market has changed the traffic on the Landing from people simply commuting in and out of the Landing to a destination to stop and socialize. He hopes Flight Deck will reinforce Brunswick Landing as a leisure destination as well.

One of the things that will set Flight Deck apart, according to Wildes, is that Flight Deck will be the only true distributing brewery with a tasting room in the greater Brunswick community.

Wildes said the tasting room at Flight Deck will serve light appetizers, like pretzels, cheese and charcuterie prepared at New Beet.

The former shooting range is empty now, but Wildes has the layout set in his mind, with a long, glass-walled corridor leading to the tasting room where visitors can see the brewing process. Giant slabs of the reinforced walls will be cut and dropped to make for a patio area.

There’s also plans for a possible roof deck, making for a priceless view of the Blue Angels show next summer.

Wildes with his brewer and co-owner, Jared Entwistle, said they will be brewing in a seven-barrel system, producing around 200 gallons of beer per run utilizing as many locally grown ingredients as possible.

Entwistle said they will be providing a beer for just about every taste, including porters, hoppy IPAs and fruity beers.

Another draw for Wildes to start another business at Brunswick Landing is that all of the brewery’s massive electrical consumption, like every business at the Landing, will be offset by renewable energy credits.

That’s a big deal to Wildes who said most beer is brewed by fossil fuels that either deliver steam for heating the brew or direct flame. Wildes’ system will be electric.

“So every ounce of beer made — the energy that went into that is 100 percent renewable,” Wildes said.

Wildes and Entwistle are working on beer names and products that complement their location and the Naval history that surrounds them.

“Part of what’s exciting about being here is recognizing that part of the heritage, but also using that as part of our identity — that’s the cool part of where we are,” Wildes said.

As part of that, Flight Deck will have the “Captains Club” named after traditional mug clubs where you buy your mug membership and receive deals on beer.

There will also be a growler club where people can stop in and either purchase a growler or join the club and reuse their very own, heavy-duty, insulated growler.

Wildes said plans are to open Flight Deck by January 2017.