Pre-Open Update: Late November

Oh, what a difference windows and doors make! The building is now 'sealed', with all windows and doors installed – just a bit more weather stripping to prevent the blowing rain from sweeping into the tasting room, and it'll be buttoned up and ready for whatever Mother Nature throws our way. We couldn't have asked for a sunnier tasting room – it's going to be a spectacular place to enjoy a brew all year long!

Other construction is moving along well, with a few surprises along the never know what you'll find (or not, in the case of our sewer line!) on a former Naval Air Station...but don't worry, the same people who built Maine Beer Company down the road from us in Freeport are doing much of the construction work – expert brewery builders, to be sure.

Once our floor drain is installed, we'll be moving on to tasting room and bar design/ get ready for steady, exciting progress updates.

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Pre-Open Update: Early November

It's been incredibly hard work transforming the Navy's Small Arms Range – a military-grade, bullet-proof building – into a welcoming, efficient brewery and tasting room/event space. But, thanks to the hard work of our landlord/partner Tom Wright (he's got the wright stuff!) and his crew, work is well under way to have the facility ready for our early 2017 opening.

Most visibly this week, 12" thick concrete slabs where the windows and glass pull-up doors will go have been cut and pushed out of the building, bringing some spectacular, all-day sunshine directly into our future tasting room space for the very first time. The slabs, weighing many tons each, were dropped in place to make the foundation of our outdoor patio.

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Bowdoin Orient: New brewery to take flight in Brunswick Landing

by Jessica Piper

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Nate Wildes and Jared Entwistle are two twenty-somethings from Midcoast Maine who met earlier this year. They share a vision of building community—and hope to do so over glasses of beer. 

Next year, they will open Flight Deck Brewing on the grounds of the old naval base at Brunswick Landing, approximately twelve minutes by car from Bowdoin College. 

While craft breweries have been gaining prevalence both in Maine and throughout the United States, Flight Deck will be the first of its kind in Brunswick. Wildes and Entwistle see the brewery not only as a place to taste beer, but as a good space for social gatherings. 

“Brunswick Landing is really in the midst of evolving from a former naval base to really a community,” Wildes said. 

Since the Navy left Brunswick Landing in 2011, the space has been primarily occupied by industrial and office units, although other businesses have slowly crept in. One of these ventures—New Beet Market, which opened last March—belongs to Wildes and his spouse. 

Flight Deck, Wildes and Entwistle emphasize, will be about more than just beer. In addition to an indoor tasting room, the brewery will include an outdoor patio complete with couches and fire pits that overlook the grounds of the old naval base.

The pair believes the brewery can help make Brunswick a more attractive community for people in their twenties. 

“When you’re a young person growing up in Maine, there’s a lot of pressure to go elsewhere,” Wildes said.

Both Wildes and Entwistle are natives to Maine, and their commitment to the state is reflected in their desire to keep their business as local as possible. 

“If it can be bought locally, we will buy it locally,” Wildes said.

He added that the growth of craft breweries over the past five years makes it easier to obtain materials from local sources. Five years ago it would have been difficult to find fermented grain suppliers in Maine. 

Using local products also means that the pair can experiment with Maine-centric flavors. Entwistle noted that he hopes to produce a number of fruit beers and utilize Maine herbs to create one-of-a-kind blends.

“Mugwort, sumac, different herbs,” he said. “We’re probably going to start off a little more traditional but experiment more as we expand.” 

As part of the brewery’s commitment to community engagement, Entwistle and Wildes plan to utilize customer feedback to develop a robust array of beer options. 

The brewery will also minimize its environmental impact by getting its electricity from renewable sources.

“Every ounce of beer we produce will be produced with 100 percent renewable energy,” Wildes said. 

The use of renewable energy is made easier by Brunswick Landing’s anaerobic biodigester, which will supply about one-third of the brewery’s electricity. The remaining power will come from other renewable energy sources. 

Wildes emphasized that these environmentally friendly choices also make practical business sense. 

“Using renewable energy means fewer price fluctuations long-term,” he said. 

Wildes and Entwistle hope their brewery can become a staple of a growing community in Brunswick Landing. In the meantime, they want to brew beers people like and create an atmosphere where customers feel at home. 

“We’re focusing on drinkable, approachable beer,” Wildes said. “Whoever you are, when you walk into Flight Deck Brewery, we want to be able to offer you a beer you like."

WGME13 TV: Brunswick will get a craft brewery

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BRUNSWICK (WGME) -- A new craft brewery is in the works in Brunswick at a former shooting range.

Flight Deck Brewing will open at Brunswick Landing early next year, with unique features like a tasting room and a "beer garden".

The brewery is the first in Brunswick to distribute its own beer.

Nate Wilds co-owns the brewery with Shipyard's Jared Entwistle.

"Ever since I was in high school, I wanted to own a bar and I got into brewing when I was 17, 18 years old," says Jared Entwistle, co-owner of Flight Deck Brewing.

"We had a vision for a business that would thrive and build the community that's here on Brunswick Landing and that would compliment new beer market that has started. That is a great experience, whether it's recreational - coming out for a beer on the weekend or a nice cold beer after work," says Nate Wilds, co-owner Flight Deck Brewing.

The soon to be open brewery will included a tasting room and 3.5 acres outdoors for live music.

The new brewery is at 11 Atlantic Ave., in the former Small Arms Shooting Range.

The Forecaster: Brunswick craft beer brewery prepares for 2017 launch

The Forecaster: Brunswick craft beer brewery prepares for 2017 launch

Flight Deck Brewing will open at Brunswick Landing and include a tasting room and beer garden. It’s part of an effort to bring more consumer-facing, community-oriented businesses to the former naval air base, according to the duo behind the brewery, Nate Wildes and Jared Entwistle.

Times Record: New brewery ‘taking off’ at Landing

Times Record: New brewery ‘taking off’ at Landing

The co-founder of New Beet Market is bringing a new brew to Brunswick Landing in the form of Flight Deck Brewery. Flight Deck will encompass a brewery, tasting room and distribution center in the former small arms shooting range.