Our beer

Note: Our tasting room has between 6-12 beers on tap at any one time.
Selection varies - this webpage does not reflect current availability.

Beer available as: Draft Pours, 32oz/64oz Growlers to-go
~ Some brands now available in 4-pack 16oz CANS to-go ~

We make beer with 100% renewable energy, and source as many ingredients as possible from Maine – that includes 100% of our base malt (Blue Ox Malthouse, in Lisbon, ME).

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P3 Pale Ale

Big flavor, smooth drinking, and the perfect compliment to…well, anything. When in doubt, you can always count on the P-3. Named for the plane featured in our logo and parked across the street – which flew out of Brunswick Naval Air Station for decades.

4.5% abv

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The big-daddy IPA. Buckets and buckets of hops are added towards the beginning of the boil, rather than the end, to give this beer an extremely smooth drinkability. If we didn’t tell you it was 9.1%, you wouldn't know…Named for the primary role of the P-3 Orion, which was hunting Russian submarines off the Eastern Seaboard.


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Tea-56 Hibiscus

The pink beer – but don’t judge a beer by its color. It starts as a light pale ale, and we steep dried hibiscus flowers, cinnamon, orange peel, and lemon myrtle to create a refreshingly different kind of beer. Flavor is citrusy, dry and slightly tangy. Named for the engine model on the P-3 Orion, the T-56.

4.5% abv

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Rye Wing

A dark beer made with chocolate malt and rye, producing a beer that’s as satisfying around the wood stove as it is in the recliner during the big game. Named in honor of the “bi-wing plane".


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44th parallel

The “go-to” IPA, it has a hop-forward aroma with a nice finish of malt to create a balanced, semi-fruity IPA. Named for the 44th latitude, which passes just to our North (in Topsham) – and is used by pilots as a basic navigational aid.



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A session IPA made for sunny days - light drinking, dry hopped, refreshing. Slightly on the bitter end of the IPA spectrum. Be not alarmed when this word is yelled at the brewery - it just means, "I'll have another".

4.0% abv



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Wright stuff

Crisp, refreshing ale made with Rye – easily drinkable in any weather. Because we’re so punny, we named it in honor of the Wright Brothers – without whom we’d be flying nowhere! 

4.5% abv

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Brewed with bundles of Maine Oats, this dark beer as an incredible smooth taste and malt-forward profile. Named for the breakfast pilots may want, but none actually have before flying….


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(not beer)

Green Bee's Apple Cider Soda, made with Maine Apple Cider, cinnamon, and other delicious spices to create the quintessential fall/winter non-beer beverage! Exclusively on-tap at Flight Deck.


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