100% renewable beer

We're one of the only breweries on Planet Earth producing our beer with 100% renewable energy. 

We do this by using a state-of-the-art electric brewing system (a relatively new technology in commercial brewing), and by sourcing electricity from a combination of anaerobic biodigestion (organic waste -> electricity) and solar sources.

Electric brewing has a few other advantages, as well:

  1. 100% efficiency – there is no loss of heat with electric brewing, ensuring every watt of energy is used.
  2. Precision and accuracy in beer making. Electricity is on or off - there's no in-between. This allows for total control.
  3. Simplification of equipment. Fewer moving parts make our brew system more durable.

With Brunswick Landing continuing to attract large-scale renewable energy producers, in time, our electricty costs will likely decrease – making this a win for our business as much as it is a win for Planet Earth!